Stred Stew

This recipe created by critique group member Pam for our recent potluck. The incredible fragrance of beets and sausage floated through the kitchen and we all murmed: mmmm. Of course, it took attention away from the delish kimchi I brought: fiery orange, overripe, pickled cabbage, reeking with garlic, exploding with enough hot to knock you out when you merely passed within proximity.

Stred Soup
 Cook together for 45 min to an hour:

· Juice of 1 lb can of pickled beets
· 3 cans beef broth (add water – optional)
· ¼ cup margarine
· 1 medium onion (chopped)

· the beets – cut up
· 1 tart apple – chopped
· 1 lb. polish sausage – or a little less (optional)
· 1 lb (approx) cut up red cabbage

Cook all for about 20 minutes more.

Get the stew cooking, and tomorrow I’ll give you the recipe for the Black-eyed Pea Cornbread.


3 thoughts on “Stred Stew

  1. Jars Of Giggles: Agreed, the brilliant red of the soup made a perfect holiday dish.For optimum food presentation contrasting colors is a must. The nut-colored peanut butter juxatposed against the purple jelly is a perfect example.

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