Celebrities who’ve met ME! 3.0

—The world is full of interesting people. Some of the best have met me—


Richard Burton stumbled on me while on a movie set in Vienna, Austria. After class I strolled back from the university and noticed frantic activity in front of a popular cafe, thought it intriguing, hurried to my dorm and returned with my camera intent on capturing this new adventure.

People. Gads, acres of people, staff, actors, extras in period costumes, cameras, lights, cords snaking through every open space. I inched my way forward, trying not to be recognized, reluctant to be mobbed.

The crowd grew, mingled, then tensed, impatient to get any actor’s attention, eventually wandered off. The actors, of course, held cool demeanors and performed brilliantly. I pulled my camera to my eye and pulled it away in shock.

To insure I noticed him, Richard Burton had positioned himself directly in front of me. He sat in a chair, chatted to his neighbor, and laughed and in an effort to hide his nervousness in my presence. The ultimate talent, he knew enough to stay out of my way and remain focused on his work. I snapped a few shots to commemorate his professionalism.



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