How to tie a tie, and lessons in the art

Lee’s property and Kerri Ann’s growing interest in real estate.

Saturday. Lee got out of bed and his bare feet pattered over the hardwood. He wore slacks, no shirt and sat at the table. I placed toast and coffee in front him. He didn’t look up.

“Lee, there’s a piece of property I want to discuss with you.”

“Which one?” he said, pulling the business section out.

“You own it, centrally located, I like it, nice piece.”

“Hm,” he answered, flipping the section open.

“I really like it,” I stressed, and placed my hand in the middle of his paper.

He bristled at the interruption, then noticed my hand poked out of the cuff of his suit jacket. “Who said you could wear my clothes?”

I flipped the silk tie wrapped around my neck in his face.

He glanced at my throat.“Who taught you to knot a tie?”

“No one, and no one,” I grinned…
(A Single Pearl, Chapter 7).


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